Message from the Vice Deanship of Academic Affairs and Development


Message from the Vice Deanship of Academic Affairs and Development

Praise be to Allah, who taught man what he doesn’t know, and blessings and Peace be Upon the Most Honored of the Prophets and Messengers our Master and Beloved Muhammed, his family and Companions.

Higher education is the basis of the creative starting point for any nation towards a comprehensive qualitative renaissance that can raise it to the level of the developed countries. And to achieve this goal, the Vice Deanship follows closely all academic and educational projects of the college reflecting the philosophy, vision and mission of the college. The College’s strategic objectives are based on quality in education through the development of plans and academic and training programs according to the criteria of comprehensive quality and academic standards of excellence and what corresponds with the needs of the labor market.

Over the past period, the college– thanks God – has achieved a prominent place among the colleges of the university thanks to the outstanding performance of the students, the efforts of its faculty members and staff and a result of our different approach in education, which encourages students to further excel in research and perseverance, and deepen their interest in developing the capabilities and skills autonomously.

My sons and my daughters: let’s learn from the light of learning what pleases Allah and brings good to ourselves, our country and our society and keep our glory and praise among the peoples of the earth; and I call upon you to maintain the appropriate manners and ethics of the seeker of knowledge within and outside our beloved college.

In conclusion, may Allah the Almighty help us get the right kind of knowledge, bless you all and keep us on the right track to serve our beloved and esteemed college. 

Vice Deanship of Academic Affairs and Development
Dr. Saleh Abdullah Aloyuni