MDL-Graduate Attributes

  1. An ability to acquire the knowledge base of read, interpret, and utilize scientific knowledge in clinical practice 

  2. An ability to define the theoretical concepts of medical laboratory sciences used in conducting medical laboratory tests. 

  3. An ability to recognize of the role of the clinical laboratory specialists in the assurance of quality of health care. 

  1. An ability to analyse laboratory results and use statistical approaches when evaluating data. 

  2. An ability to explain the principles of management and safety to include preventive and corrective maintenance of equipment 

  3. An ability to appraise the quality control measures and participate actively in quality assurance programs 

  4. An ability to perform microscopic examination and analytical tests of cells, tissues, blood, body fluids, and other materials. 

  5. An ability to demonstrate the proper procedures, for collecting, safe handling, processing, and analysing human specimens to maintain accuracy and precision. 

  1. An ability to display the standards of ethical practice in the working environment. 

  2. An ability to demonstrate leadership, team player, and the desire for continuing education for one's professional development. 

  3. An ability to handle stressful situations calmly and efficiently. 

  4. An ability to demonstrate an effective oral and written communication skills 

  5. An ability to demonstrate IT skills to interact with instruments and laboratory information systems.