Conditions and Procedures of Equalizing Subjects

Conditions and Procedures for Equalizing subjects

(for transfer students from abroad)


First: terms and conditions for equalizing subjects for transfer students from abroad:

a student should attain the faculty approval for equalizing the courses he has studied;

 the maximum number of total credit hours that is possible to be counted as courses is 40% of the academic plan in Almajma’ah University;

 the grades of the courses that are equalized for students within his GPA are not counted, and the courses will be in their academic transcript;

 the number of credit hour of the course should not be less than the number of credit hours for the course to be equalized in Almajma’ah University;

 a student should bring the approved equalization form from the transfer faculty on the defined time.

 After the period of adding and dropping finishes, a student is not allowed to equalize any course it was added to his academic schedule.


 Secondly, the required documents for equalizing subjects:

 the subjects equalization form,.

 the original copy of academic transcript,

 a description of the courses to be equalized (to be received from the transfer university).


 Thirdly, steps and procedures of equalizing subjects:

 a student applies for a request of equalization for the courses he has studied to the faculty he is accepted to provided he attaches a copy of the academic transcript (original) approved from the transfer university as well as a description for the courses he has passed and a copy of the transfer form;

 the equalization form is to be sent after getting it signed and certified to Deanship of Admission and Registration to put it on the academic system after making sure it has been done in accordance with the regulations.

 A student must enter his account through the academic portal to make certain that the courses have been equalized and the equalized course was deleted off his academic schedule if it was already registered in his schedule for the academic semester.


Terms and procedures for equalizing subjects

(for visiting students)

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