Religious Slogans and Symbols (An Applied Analytical Study)

Book Title: Religious Slogans and Symbols (An Applied Analytical Study)
Author: Dr. Tariq Suleiman Al-Bahlal First edition Number of pages: 374
Year of publishing: 1433 Publishing House: The Center of Publishing and Translation
– Majmaah University 6352-6358 ISBN Why to publish this book? It seems the symbolic behavior has become an integral part of human life.
Since human beings were created, they have been using slogan and symbols as a mean for communication across time and place. Since the emergence of religions (divine or human), they attempted to utilize slogans and symbols to express their ideology. Due to the mixing of nations of different region and civilization as well as the revolution of technology and communication, there is a possibility that Islamic societies may be affected by slogans and symbols of non-Muslims that may contradict the Islamic ideologies. All this may occur because the scientific economic backwardness of Islamic societies.
Therefore, slogans and symbols have their values and at the same time they may have a dangerous impact on nation.
The author, thus, has realized the importance of writing a precise and comprehensive book to introduce these religious symbols to non-Muslims.