Timetables and Examinations Committee


Timetables and Examinations Committee:
-     Dr. Ammar Madwi                              “Chairman”
-    Dr. Abdul Naeem Al-Aref                    “Coordinator”
-    Dr. Abeer Al-Harbi                              “Member”
-    Dr. Mona Jaber                                  “Member”
-    Ms. Maram Al-Turki                            “member”
-    Ms. Nancy Mata                                  “Member”
-    Dr. Siralkhatem Muhammad                “Member”
Tasks of the Committee:
1-    Set an annual work plan for the unit’s activities.
2-    Set study timetables for the department.
3-    Distribute teaching loads among faculty members
4-    Coordinate with other branches to hire more faculty members when there is a need.
5-    Distribute halls and invigilators 
6-    Follow up on the progress of tests at all stages.
7-    Receive and hand test papers and answer sheets.
8-    Submit a completion report to the department’s Quality Unit.
9-    Undertake any other tasks.