Academic Accreditation Committee


Academic Accreditation Committee:
-    Dr. Nasser Al-Zaideen                         “Chairman”
-    Dr. Buthaina Abdel Shaheed              “Coordinator”
-    Dr. Ameer Muhammad                       “Member”
-    Dr. Imran Khan                                  “Member”
-    Dr. Khadija Ghazeel                          “Member”
-    Dr. Hafsa Riyad                                 "Member"
-    Dr. Nancy Mata                                “Member”
-    Dr. Ayed Al-Anazi                             “Member”
-    Ms. Maram Al Turki                           “Member”


•    Tasks of the Committee:
1.    Set suitable plans for periodic review of the approved quality standards for regular improvement of the program’s performance.
2.    Conduct and follow up the academic accreditation program.
3.    Set forms for academic program accreditation requirements
4.    Provide reference materials and disseminate information about the development of quality assurance and accreditation which will help the department's faculty to improve quality.
5.    Follow up the preparation of the self-study report for a program.
6.    Follow up the implementation of external review for the programs applying for academic accreditation.
7.    Follow up on preparing files for programs applying to obtain academic accreditation.
8.    Follow up on updating the department’s website about quality.
9.    Prepare the questionnaires required by the college deanship for development and quality.
10.  Set a mechanism for keeping and archiving the evidences of academic accreditation.
11.    Submit a completion report to the department’s Quality Unit.
12.    Undertake any assigned tasks.