First: Models for creating/developing a postgraduate program

1- Application Leave Form (graduate studies)


2- Progress report form (graduate studies)


3- Evaluation form (graduate studies)


4- Study plans (master’s programs)


Second: Academic procedures forms

1- Application form for admission to postgraduate studies


2- Scientific recommendation form


3- Calculate GPA


4- Deferring admission form (graduate students)


5- Deferring study form (graduate students)


6- Drop all semester courses


7- Additional opportunity Form 


8- Disbursement of books and references allowance


9- Request form for disbursement of dissertation printing allowance


10- Additional opportunity Form


11- Withdrawal from postgraduate studies Form


Third: Viva and awarding grades

1- The dissertation supervisor’s quarterly report form


2- Viva committee Form


3- Schedule a viva date form


4- Minor corrections form 


5- The dissertation committee report to earn a master’s degree form


6- Dissertation committee member's report Form


7- A sample CV of the supervisor form


8- The CV of the member of dissertation committee panel Form (Assistant Professor)


9- A Form of Invite examiner from outside the region

10- Appointing supervisor form


Fourth: Financial procedures

1- A Form for payment of examiners


Fifth: Graduate Unit Forms

1-طلب إيداع رسالة للحصول على وثيقة التخرج لمرحلة الماجستير.docx

2- Completion of graduation requirements form


3- Disclaimer form 


4- Graduate information card form