History of the College

The intermediate College of Education for girls in Majmaah was established in 1408 H, by a decision of the General President of Girls' Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which included the following four departments:

Department of Arabic Language,

Department of English Language,

Department of Mathematics

Department of Home Economics

Art Education.

The medium College of Education has been developed - to be the duration of the study for four years and awarded Bachelor's Degree - to become the College of Education for Girls in 1415 H, where new Departments have been opened in the following years such as : Department of Biology (1417 H)

Department of Islamic Studies (1418 H)

Department of Computer Sciences (1423 H)

Department of Kindergarten (1430)

Department of Special Education (1430)

Department of Educational Sciences. (1432)

A Decree has been issued by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, Prime Minister and Chairman of the Board of Higher Education in the Kingdom, on the 3 of Ramadan 1430 H, corresponding to August 24, 2009 to establish the University of Majmaah. Afterwards, the College of Education for girls has been annexed to the new University, under the name of "College of Education" to accept male and female students in order to increase the overall effectiveness of the role of the College in serving not only the community but also the pre-university education schools.