Study Plans and Curricula Committee


Study Plans and Curricula Committee:
-    Dr. Abdul Majid Abdul Rahman         "Chairman"
-    Dr. Mona Jaber                                 “Coordinator”
-    Dr. Amirah Imad Al-Din                     “Member”
-    Dr. Ammar Madwi                          “Member”


•    Tasks of the Committee:
1-    Set an annual work plan for the unit’s activities.
2-    Review and develop academic curricula to meet the set requirements.
3-    Review and evaluate the effectiveness of the program and activities.
4-    Review the study plan for the program regularly to keep pace with the developments in the field of major (English language).
5-    Evaluate and develop the study plan.
6-    Submit a completion report to the department’s Quality Unit.
7-    Undertake any assigned tasks