Community Service Committee


Community Service Committee:
-    Dr. Majid Abahusein                     “Chairman”
-    Dr. Dr. Aref Wadah                      “Coordinator”
-    Ms. Maram Al-Turki.                    "member"
-    Dr. Enas Fawzi                            “Member”
-    Ms. Eman Al-Hugail                      “Member”


•    Tasks of the Committee :
1-    Set an annual work plan for the unit’s activities.
2-    Strengthening the social bond between the faculty members of the department and the colleg.
3-    Set an annual plan to serve the local community following the university’s vision and mission.
4-    Document the contribution of the department's faculty members to local community institutions.
5-    Submit a completion report to the department’s Quality Unit.
6-    Undertake any assigned tasks