Responsibilities of the Vice-Dean's Office for Educational Affairs and Development

1- Supervise the implementation and development of study plans 

2. Create a conducive scientific environment.

3. Set timetables and supervise teaching loads of faculty members.

4. Follow-up the needs of faculty members and meet them.

5. Help faculty members to improve their skills in teaching and learning.

6. Supervise the provision of the educational settings.

7. Supervise the educational facilities.

8. Provide learning sources and reference books at the College.

9. Improve assessment methods and tools.

10. Manage and document examination procedures.

11. Propose the committees associated with the work of Vice-Dean's Office.

12. Coordinate with vice deans of the college and heads of departments to achieve the goals of the College.

13. Communicate with the counterpart of academic and administrative units to achieve the goals of Vice-Dean's Office in coordination with the Dean of the College.

14. Prepare a comprehensive report on the progress of study and the academic performance in the college and submit it to the Dean of the College.

15. Undertake what is assigned by the Board of the College, or Dean of the College