The Study Plan


The general framework of the study plan for the Faculty


The Faculty plan is divided into four stages: Faculty of Medicine, the study is six academic years 

In addition to the training year (Internship).


First Stage: Preparatory Year

the preparatory year aims to prepare the new students for university study, particularly with regard to environmental knowledge , system and regulations of study,  rules and systems and  to establish the basic principles of learning and instill a sense of initiative and self-confidence and raise discipline awareness  importance and sense of responsibility . Also it aims to develop students' skills in the English language, learning , communication and computer skills, as well as the acquisition of basic science principles that qualify a student to study medicine.


Second Stage: Basic Medical Sciences (two years and a half)


  This stage comes after the preparatory year which aims to establish the base for the student of basic medical sciences such as anatomy, physiology , medical biochemistry , histology, and pharmacology, which qualifies him to study clinical medical science smoothly and easily.


Third Stage: clinical stage (two years and a half)


At this stage of the study the student is subject to the study in different clinical sections, as set up for that program and the student learns the basics of dealing with the disease, patients and methods of diagnosis and treatment follow-up.

Fourth Stage: Training (Internship)

At this stage the student gets training on the actual practice of medicine through working in the main sections in hospitals under the supervision of consultants and specialists