Procedural objectives:

- Spreading the culture of the scientific research among the staff members and the students.

- Increasing the productivity rate of the scientific research focusing on the quality.

- Fixing the research priorities in the college and fulfilling the related financial support.



to establish a unit called the scientific research and innovation support unit", which has to be designed according to the same structure and the same tasks of the counterpart units in the university whose foundation decree have been already issued by the deputy of the university for higher studies and scientific research. The role of such unit can be as follows:

-To prioritize the strategies of the scientific research committee and implement its recommendations.

-To conduct regular research activities in the college.

-To focus on the professional development of the staff members and the students in order to improve the research quality.

-To work in association with the basic health sciences research center and scientific research deanship with the aim of research support.

-To determine the departments and college research priorities.

-To support the students research with the coordination with the students' affairs department .

-To work seriously for completing the infrastructure of the labs in coordination with the basic health sciences research center and scientific research deanship.


The Members of The Scientific Research Unit and Innovation Support as Follows:




 Dr.Khalid Altuhami


Dr. Alsadek Yousef


 Mr. Wakas Sami

Executive Member

Dr. Laneek Lazman


 Dr. Saged