Procedural Goals:

- Recurrting highly distinguished Saudi calipers who meet the standards imposed by each department.

- hiring highly qualified calipers who fill in the gap in the departments.

- Developing professionally the staff members as a guarantee of their academic, scientific, administrative and research distinction.




Forming a unit called: Staff Members Recruitment and Contracting Unit which has to be affiliated to the College deputy for Graduate and Scientific Research.

The committee consists of the following members: .

- Staff member or more.

- Secretary.

- Correspondence official.

The committee is responsible for the following:

Recurting the Saudi staff members or their equivalence of other nationalities:

- Opening hot lines with the different departments of the college in order to determine their needs from staff members and the necessary requirements of the applicants.

- Receving job applications which meet the university and department requirements via the e-mail.

- Nominating the applicants whose credentials meet the requirement of the university and the department for the interview.

- Holding interviews for those whose applications were recommended.

- Sending the names of those who passed the interview to the Faculty Council.

- Being in contact with the university administration to track up the submitted applications.

- Notfying the parties whose procedures have been completed in order to start his/her official job.

- Organzing and saving the files of the applicants.

   Contracting Saudi staff members and their equals from other nationalities.

- Bein in contact with the departments of the college in order to determine the needs and the necessary requirements in the applicants.

- Being in contact with Saudi Cultural Bureau and send them the requests of the required specializations.

- Scheduling the dates of the contracting trips and suggesting the committees visiting each country in order to be submitted to the recruitment committee.

- Contacting the Saudi cultural bureau for sending the curriculum vita of the applicant and sending them to the departments to study them.

- Coorindating with the deanship of the staff members ‘affairs and the cultural bureau for holding personal interviews.

- The approved applications will be sent to the dean of Staff member’s affair in order to get visas for the.

-Following –up the procedures of the documents of the contracting parties and contacting them until starting their jobs. .


The deputyship supervises in association with the eligible party on the following staff member’s affairs:

- Approving the conferences and the professional development plan of the staff members and noticing them to the Faculty council.

- Approving the academic promotion of the staff members and noticing them to the faculty council.

- Approving and regulating the issue of the sabbatical periods and the secondment procedures of the staff member and noticing them to the faculty council.

- Granting leaves and forced leaves for the staff members, lecturers and demonstrators.

- Noticing the dean with the violations and offenses committed by the staff members .


The committee consists of the following members: 




Dr. Rashid Borda


Mr. Faisel Alkathery

Secretary Recurting)

Abdullah Aba Nami

Secretary (contract)

Meshal Alonezi