Study Plans and Programs Unit

The responsibilities are as follows

- Partcipating in preparing and implementing the strategic plans on the college level in the area of academic plans and the recommendations concerned with the academic courses.

- Evaluate the academic plans of different majors via the process of feedback presented by the faculty members

- Investigating to what extent the knowledge and skills which the students acquire during the course of their study in the college are consistent with the labor market.

- Studying to what extent the content of the academic courses and teaching strategies are compatible with objectives of the courses and the expected learning outcomes.

- Organizing the files of the study plans and the recommendations of the courses in an accessible manner so as to be easily found when needed in the process of the students’ transfer between colleges or between universities.

- Developing the academic plans in association with the chairs and the supervisors of the departments in the colleges and in the subsidiaries committees in the academic departments. 

- Partcipating in preparing the annual report of the unit.

- Performing any duties being entitled by the direct chair.



Chair of the unit:

Dr. Mazen Khalil Alqatw.