The Establishment of the Department:

The Department of Orthopaedics was established since the foundation of the college of medicine in 2010.



About The Department

Orthopaedics department is considered as one of the major department in college of medicine. The Department participates with the rest of their colleagues from other departments of the faculty in educating and training medical students to cover musculoskeletal disorders before they conduct the Orthopaedics and trauma module which take the student in a journey through the most common musculoskeletal diseases by the modern educational programs.


The department staff also gives necessary guidance after graduation for the enrollment in specialized fellowships. In addition to this, the department also serves the Majmaah community patients by providing medical care in outpatient clinic, inpatient and in the operating room at King Khalid Hospital at Majmaah and at the MU Department of medical services.

Members of the Department:

1- Dr. Daifallah Alharbi. (Head of the Dept)

2- Dr. Zaheer Ahmed (Asst Professor)


Achievements of the Department

1.     Preparing the Orthopaedics study course.

2.     Teaching and training of medical students in a creative learning environment.


3.     Carrying out scientific research that benefits society.

4.     Serving patients by providing medical care in the inpatient and outpatient clinics and in the operating room.