Director of the Faculty Administration

Faculty Administration

Is competent to oversee the financial and administrative affairs in college and are linked by Dean College


 Task of the Administration Maneger

  1. The application and implementation of the rules and regulations of administrative and financial affairs at the university-

  2. Raising the total direct all time employees, and leaving work-

  3.  Follow-up administrative business units of the Department of the development of the college-

  4.  Supervision of attendance records and absences for employees of the college administrators and technicians-

  1. (Study and follow-up and implementation of the contractors in the college requests regarding passports (accommodation, visas and tickets-

  2. Communicate directly with all departments within the university with respect to financial and administrative aspects-

  3.  Organize regular vacations for employees of the college administrators, technicians and users, workers and the approval of the enjoyment and inform personnel management university before the start of the leave sufficient time to complete the rest of the proceedings before them

  4.  Preparation and issuance of the mandate decisions within the Kingdom of the employees of the college after the approval of the Dean and within the limits of his powers, and after the link from the approved college-

  5. Performs any other work assigned by the Dean of the College or the delegated authority to implement


Powers of the director of administration

The signing of the evacuation party for those who do end up in college-

The adoption of the end of the mission data Mandate for employees of the college administrators, technicians and researchers-

 Recommend administrative sanctions on the management and employees in accordance with regulations-

Evaluation of the performance of management personnel-

   Lifting the total needs of the human and financial resources and various equipment


Director of the Department of the College


Mr. yousef Alyousef