Graduation Requirements:

- Common first year requirements During the common first year, students learn the necessary skills to be able to register and take admission in the bachelor degree of computer science. Students also study intensive courses in English language, essentials of computer and introduction to mathematics and physics. - The university requirements Beside the common first year requirements, students need to take prerequisite courses such as Arabic language, Islamic Education and arts. - The college requirements The college requirements ( Math, science and programming) provide students with solid analytical and scientific essentials. - Core courses requirements The core courses offered as requirements of the bachelor degree of computer engineering develop students’ knowledge with a training in different fields such as logic design, computer organization, signals and systems, data transmission, computer architecture, digital signal processing, computer network and digital control. - Prerequisite courses requirements - At level five, students can choose one of two study programs. The first one is Computer Network. In this track, students will take advanced courses in modeling and simulation, advanced topics in switching and routing, optical networks, high-speed networks, network programming, wireless sensor networks, mobile and wireless networks and computer networks security. The second track is Embedded Systems and students take advanced courses in embedded systems, hardware description languages, VLSI design, computer athematic and system programming. - Summer internship