About Unit

As an important unit at CCIS, GPU plays a significant role for graduate students to implement the concept learned in most of the courses and gain hand on experience.

The graduate project (GP) is an obligatory course for all the students enrolled in the program. The GP is carried over in the last two semesters (9th and 10th semesters), called Semester 1 and Semester 2 (Graduation Project 1 and Graduation Project 2). Both semesters will be graded independently according to the work carried out in each semester. Work assessed will include deliverables submitted and final presentation. The general purpose of Graduation Project 1 is for the students to give a presentation showing their project proposal including management plan, feasibility study, requirement document. At the end of their Graduation Project 2, the students are evaluated on their presentation of the final project deliverables and a project report.

According to the enrollment number of students in Level 9, the GP is responsible to distribute the students according to the available faculty members and make sure the process of student’s GP is progressing well.

In addition to the main GP unit’s responsibility mentioned earlier, GP unit prepares and supervises a competition of graduate project for both male and female students at the end of each academic year. Also, GP unit plays a crucial role by connecting gradate students with companies who interest to offer them initial recruitment contract.