Advisor Responsibilities

Advisor Resposibilities

Academic advisors are meant to provide educational counseling for students. The academic advisor's primary responsibility is to evaluate the student’s study plan to ensure it will satisfy university requirements while it meets each student's specific needs. To be effective, the advisor must recognize that each student has different abilities, interests, aspirations, needs, experiences, and problems so that his/her approach in dealing with students can be different from one to another. Academic advising cannot, therefore, be a mechanical, routine matter. To fulfill this requirement, the general advising duties can be stated as follows:

  • Students are encouraged to meet with their academic advisors regularly during the semester for consultation and guidance. The relation between academic advisors and students can be summarized as follows:

    • Revising and studying the student academic register, including the courses studied and his academic plan and its data. This is to ensure that each student comply with the study plan he/she enrolled in and to avoid delays in graduation.
    • Helping student in choosing the courses among his academic program.
    • Following up the student continuously and resolving the problems that may appear during his study.
    • Raising statistical reports about the department students to the department chief.
    • Preparing a complete file for each student advised by him, including his academic schedule, transcript, study plan and attendance during current semester. In addition, all administrative documents that show the academic progress of the student (Add/drop/withdraw, Program/track selection,…..)
  • Academic advisors are requested to conduct group meeting with all students at the beginning of each semester.
  • Advisors should regularly follow up student 4 times during the term to check his/her attendance and academic progress rate during fifth, eighth, eleventh and fourteenth weeks.
  • Students can meet his advisors in other times during the semester to discuss any academic-related issues that may arise and be of concern to the study progress of any student.

    1. Announce office hours for academic guidance.