Oracle academy

Oracle Academy

The Oracle Academy was launched in the College of Computer and Information Sciences in order to implement the college strategy of integrating professional tracks with the study plans of different disciplines. Oracle Academy offers advanced programs for educational institutions, such as application programs and curricula in the field of databases and programming that allow faculty members to use them in academic programs and in the classroom. The academic partnership with Oracle Academy aims to:

  • Provide the College with excellent training programs that help the teaching staff to teach database design and programming materials.
  • Provide faculty and students with access to the electronic content of the Academy (programs, e-books, etc.).
  • Provide annual training opportunities for faculty and students.
  • Provide opportunities for students to participate in summer training programs.

The College of Computer and Information Sciences offers a number of elective courses in its study plans, which are highly dependent on the academic curricula of Oracle. These courses are:

  • Database Design and Programming with SQL (IT 474)
  • Programming with PL / SQL (IT 475)
  • Java Fundamental (IT 251)
  • Data Base Administration (IT 476)