Access Our Expertise

The CCIS team has the expertise in line with the following specializations offered to the students

  • Computer Science
  • Information technology
  • Information Systems
  • Computer Engineering


Faculty member

Area of interest


Dr. Hisham Alsaghier, Dean

Network Security, E-Governance and Services


Dr. Abdullah Al Hussein, Vice-Dean

Software Engineering


Dr. Eyad Haj Said

Biometrics, Data Fusion, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing


Dr. S.K. Mishra

Distributed Computing, Advanced Computer Architecture, Wireless Networks, Mobile Ad hoc Network


Dr. V. Saravanan

Data Mining, Software Agents


Dr. Ahmed Raza Khan

Cloud Computing, Project Management, Software Engineering, Programming



Projects and Publications

Funded projects:

To encourage faculty members to submit their research proposals to different funding agencies which will help experts and scholars to receive external fund, manage the project and prepare reports.

Students’ Projects

With the college’s strong tendency towards research, graduated students are encouraged to publish research in a world top-notch journals which will make the process of gaining admission in MA and PhD programs much easier.


CCSI encourages faculty members to publish their papers in indexed periodical such as (SCOPUS) and (ISI).

Supporting researchers

CCSI supports research teams in many ways:

An integrated program for professional development is provided which focuses on research and knowledge imparting via workshops such as writing proposals, editing papers, indexing.