Research Seminars & Workshops

Research Seminars & Workshops Second Semester (2014-2015)

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1 Dr. Hisham Al Saghier / Mr. Sulaiman Alazmi Workshop on Summer Training Procedure and Guidelines
2 Dr. Saravanan Membership in Professional Bodies
3 Mr. Yazan Al-Otoum and Mr. Ahsan Ahmed Workshop on Criteria of evaluating faculty members and employees websites
4 Dr. Eyad H Said Workshop on D2L
5 Mr. Yazan Al-Otoum and Mr. Ahsan Ahmed Developing Websites and Incorporating Fresh Content Inputs
6 Dr. Shailendra Mishra and Dr. Ahmad Raza Khan Best Practices for Creating Elearning Courses
7 Dr. Ahmad Raza Khan Using Social Networking Tools for E-Learning
8 Dr.Uma and Ms.Ruhi Designing Project by Technology - Made Simple for Students
9 Dr. Shailendra Mishra Research Challenges in Software Defined Networking (SDN)
10 Dr. Sunil K Sharma Workshop on Outcome Oriented Teaching Learning Methodology
11 Dr. Sunil K Sharma Computer Methods in Biosytem
12 Dr.Sabeena Kazi Recent Trends in Graph theory
13 Dr Manjunatha S Radiation Physics and its applications
14 Dr. Laxmi Joshi and Syeda Nausheen Trends in Research for the Robotics
15 Dr. Adeeb Talafha Mathematical Model for the interaction of three optics waves
16 Dr. Bibhuti B. Mahapatra Grammar of Word Formation
17 Dr. Baba Basha Quantum Computing