Quality Center



The Quality and Accreditation Unit at CCSI seeks to adopt up-to-date standards at the academic and administrative levels; meet the requirements of quality and continuous improvement to qualify for accreditation in various programs at the local and global levels.


The mission of the Quality Center at CCSI focuses mainly on evaluating the academic and administrative system elements as well as the continuous improvement and development of all parties associated with the educational process by promoting the culture of quality among all the beneficiaries in an independent, neutral, and transparent environment that ensures the improvement of the academic and administrative level and its ability to compete locally and internationally.


. Propose and set a general policy for quality assurance and eligibility for accreditation.

• 2. Promote the culture of quality among the faculty members, students and administrative staff as well as the importance of applying the quality system to the educational outputs of the college in particular and to the community in general.

3. Review and update the college’s strategic plan, follow up on its implementation, and suggest the work teams assigned to implement it.

• 4. Prepare the annual report, identify the strengths and weaknesses that affect the educational process, and submit possible recommendations to enhance strengths and overcome weaknesses.

• 5. Follow up on course files and submit program reports to the college administration with appropriate recommendations for development.

• 6. Establish an appropriate system to receive complaints and suggestions from students and work on solving them or directing them to the appropriate person.

• 7. Evaluate the educational process by measuring various performance indicators (faculty members - students - administrators - graduates - community partners and employment companies).

• 8. Exchange experiences with quality assurance centers of other colleges at the university and outside.

• 9. Coordinate with the University Training Center to train human cadres and improve their skills in the field of quality assurance.

• 10. Follow up on graduates and identify what help develop their practical skills.


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