Unit Structure

The committee consists of five members from the faculty staff. Four from male campus and one from female campus.


Unit Members

  • Dr. Zamil S. Alzamil, Chair
  • Dr. Ahmed Abo-Bakr Mohamed, Member
  • Dr. Abul kadar Jilani, Member
  • Mr. Hamad Saleh Alhadyan, Member
  • Ms. Menan AlShaya, Member



NameE-MailPhone Extension

Dr. Zamil S. Alzamil [email protected] 01-6404-6712
Dr. Ahmed Abo-Bakr Mohamed [email protected] 01-6404-6715
Dr. Abul kadar Jilani [email protected] 01-6404-6734
Mr. Hamad Saleh Alhadyan

[email protected]

Ms. Menan AlShaya [email protected] 01-6404-5381