A Lecture held by Intellectual Awareness Unit on Citizenship & Digital Identity

The Intellectual Awareness Unit at the female campus of the College of Medicine conducted in cooperation with the College of Applied Medical Science a lecture entitled “Citizenship & Digital Identity” on Monday.
The lecture was presented by Dr. Maha Al-Khaltham, Vice-Dean at Community Service Deanship and a member at Intellectual Awareness Unit.
The aim of the lecture is to equip students with the necessary skills of using technology and social media optimally. It also focused on how this technology can be used in the educational process to promote the culture of digital security among students.
The lecture addressed several themes such as the concept of digital citizenship, its goals, elements and standards.
Cybercrime laws and penalties and privacy violations in the virtual world were also explained in the lecture.
The lecture was attended by students and staff of the College of Medicine and College of Applied Medical Science who were so active and asked questions related to the lecture.

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Thursday, 19/December/2019