Community Service Unit

The role of Community Service Unit (CSU) is an extension to the wide-range of services provided by Majmaa University in the fields of education and development. The CSU is concerned with planning, organization and implementation to achieve the goals set by the College of Education in Majmaah to serve the local community. It also strives to develop the work system at the College by forming a partnership between the staff and the different community sectors to provide high quality of community services.
The CSU has also an educational role in various fields such as baby care, people with disabilities, education sector and the different social institutions that are concerned of developing human being.
The Unit also strives to develop the students’ skills and qualify them to meet the community needs as well as getting real training opportunities such as the participation in events and activities that will improve their skills.
The CSU attempts to deepen the relationship between the university and the outside community via conducting exceptional volunteer works that will meet the needs of all community segments, consolidating the ‘social responsibility’ concept among students and investing in youth based on the vision, missions and goals of both the College and University.
Head of Community Service Unit
Dr. Bashayer H. Al-Rumaih