Responsibilities of the College Council:

Article thirty-four of the statute of the council of higher education and universities stipulates:

Taking in consideration this Statute and others, as well as the decisions of the Council of Higher Education or the university council, the college or institute council shall have jurisdiction over the affairs of the college or institute. Specifically, the council is vested with the authority to:

  1. Propose the appointment of faculty members, graduate students, and lecturers and propose their secondment, delegation and promotion.
  2. Propose degree plans, or their amendment in consideration with academic departments.
  3. Propose curricula, textbooks, and references for the department of the college or institute.
  4. Encourage conducting academic research, coordinate research activities between the departments of the college or institute, and undertake its publication.
  5. Propose examination schedules and make arrangements for conducting the exams.
  6. Propose the internal code for the college or institute.
  7. Propose plans for training and sponsored study by college or institute personnel at other institutions.
  8. Propose the extracurricular activities plan for the college
  9. Resolve issues related to students that are within its jurisdiction, and forward others to the university council.
  10. Consider matters forwarded by the university council, its chairman or deputy chairman and provide its opinion.