1- Supervision on the implementation of study plans in the College and its scientific departments, and develop them.

2. Working on the provision of the appropriate scientific environment.

3. Reset schedules and supervision on teaching burdens of faculty members.

4. Follow-up the needs of the College of faculty members, and fill in the vacancies in coordination with the scientific departments.

5. Contribution in raising the efficiency of faculty members in teaching and learning process.

6. Supervision on the provision of the educational equipment that is appropriate to the educational environment, and make sure of employing this equipment in teaching and learning process in the faculty.

7. Follow-up the development of the educational facilities, and identify the labs that are available in the College.

8. Working to provide the sources of learning, and reference books in various disciplines at the College in coordination with the relevant authorities in the university.

9. Development of assessment methods and tools in the college.

10. Organization and documentation of examination proceduresfor students, as well as the evaluation of their school levels, and the formation of teams for that purpose.

11. Proposal to form the committees associated with the work of Vice-Deanship.

12. Permanent coordination with Vice Deans of the College, and Heads of Scientific Departments so as to achieve the objectives of the College.

13. Communication with the academic and administrative units counterpart in the university in all to help in the performance of the functions of each one, and achieve the objectives of Vice-Deanship in coordination with the Dean of the College.

14. Preparation of a comprehensive report on the progress of study and the academic performance in the college, and submitting it to the Dean of the College.

15. Working on the implementation of what is mandated by the Board of the College, or Dean of the College of functions.