About the Department:

The Department of Anesthesiology (DA) was founded with the establishment of the College of Medicine at Majmaah University in 13/6/1430 AH.


To become a distinct model in providing medical education, research, clinical skills and community participation via teaching and training students of the College of Medicine both in theory and practice in the field of anesthesia.

Part of the department’s vision is also to safe health care to residents of the local community as well as raising the public awareness of anesthesia to contribute in easing the shortage of anesthesiologists in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Adhere to advanced and modern educational methods in teaching medical students, create a conducive environment for developing clinical skills, publish pioneering medical research in the field of anesthesiology, and commit to providing high-quality health care to the local community.


Making the College of Medicine students at MU the main concern in the educational system by equipping them to engage in the health system.

• Creating a conducive academic environment to recruit experts in the field of anesthesiology, and sponsoring anesthesiologists to pursue their postgraduate studies.

• Helping faculty members in the Department of Anesthesiology to raise the level of health care for patients in the local community, and to play their role in raising the community awareness about anesthesiology.

• Collaborating with the academic departments of the College of Medicine at MU in the educational process in order to reach full integration and achieve the college’s goals.


The DA’s Council:

Dr. Yousef al-Rahimy – head of department

Dr. Mohammed al-Baqmi – secretary and a member

Dr. Rayan al-Barakati – member

Dr. Musaab al-Sudais - member