Unit of Plans and study programs




Unit of Plans and  Study Programs 



Coordinator (male student section):

Dr. Tajuddin Ahmed Mohammed. Email: [email protected] Ext:

Unit Coordinator (female student section):

Dr. Huwaida Ibrahim Idris. Email: [email protected] Ext:


About the Unit:

The Unit of Study Plans and Programs is responsible for preparing and developing study plans to improve educational outcomes in order to achieve compliance with academic accreditation standards. This is due to its positive impact on keeping pace with the development plans and meeting the needs of the labor market.



1- Setting the specifications and standards necessary for the preparation of plans and study programs in accordance with the National Commission for Assessment and Accreditation standards.

2- Reviewing College study plans and evaluate them according to the adopted standards, regulations and mechanisms, and recommend them for adoption.

3- Developing study plans and programs, and supporting the academic departments in order to accomplish study plans with high quality.

4- Academic cooperation with the corresponding departments in various universities locally, regionally and globally within a certified and official mechanism, in order to achieve quality in constructing plans and academic programs.

5- Raising the efficiency of workers in the field of study plans and programs.

6- Continuous follow-up on the work and activities of study plans committees in the departments; for the purposes of evaluation and improvement, and provide the necessary means and equipment for them by coordinating with the Vice Rectorate for Academic Affairs (Permanent Committee of Study Plan).

7- To follow-up the development of study plans and programs on the local and foreign universities level.

8- Coordinating with the relevant authorities to organize workshops and training sessions in the field of study plans and programs.

9- Preparing the Unit meetings and minutes.

10- Organizing survey questionnaires, and disseminating relevant prints.

11- Collaborating with specialized editors for linguistic and technical review of the plans, and unifying the general layout of the study plans