On my own behalf and my fellow, I welcome you to the Vice-Dean's Office for Development and Quality under the College of Sciences and Humanities in Ghat. The Vice-Dean's Office for Development and Quality is always committed to applying quality standards in the educational and administrative process. It is also assigned to follow up on the earning of academic accreditation. It seeks to create an ideal and stimulating work environment that encourages continuous development by holding courses and workshops. Part of its role is also to monitor that the college's programs are complying with quality standards. 

There are several units operating under the Vice-Dean's Office and they are: the Quality Assurance Unit, the Academic Accreditation Unit, the Planning and Development Unit, the Training Unit, and the Measurement and Evaluation Unit. Each unit is supervised by a faculty member who is competent and experienced.

The Vice-Dean's Office strives to improve the level of quality in all of the college’s programs in accordance with the university’s vision and plan.



Dr. Ali Al-Saawi

The Vice Dean for Development and Quality