ِCourse Objectives

The objectives of the course are to prepare the student to deal with real numbers and their properties; simplification of fractions; solution of equations and inequalities, roots of quadraticequations, and complex numbers and their properties.  The course also deals with functions, their properties, and graphing; trigonometric functions, their properties, graphing, and relations; matrices and solving systems of equations.

  1. Groups
  2. Jabr Groups
  3. Group numbers are relative and non-relative
  4. Real numbers and their properties and simplify fractions
  5. Roots
  6. Algebraic expressions and operations on them
  7. Equations
  8. Solving equations
  9. Some functions and their properties and how they painted
  10. Matrices
  11. Matrix algebra
  12. Determinants
  13. Cramer's rule