1.  Student teaching Arabic language rules and the development of skills that already exist so that the performance of sound words of spelling and grammatical errors and morphological and stylistic and language in general.
  2.  Raise the expressive capabilities of the students, and increase the linguistic wealth, and help him to use the appropriate phrase is indicative clear.
  3. Training students to speak, and logical organization of ideas, taking care to stick to classical Arabic.
  4.  Linguistic raise overall performance of the student

Learning Resources:

  1. Textbooks required: language skills
  2. References Chairperson: language skills preparation of the Scientific Committee of the Arabic department at the University of Saud
  3. Books and references that are recommended (scientific journals, reports, etc ...) (Attach a list of them) book (explain Ibn Aqil on Alfiya)
  4. Electronic references, websites etc .: forum (educational sieves)