Course Description 


In this course, students practice producing the longer and substantial essay of several paragraphs. Attention is given to the process of developing formal argumentative essays and the short research paper. Emphasis is given to rules of evidence and the methods of presenting it to support the points of view expressed. This should prepare the students to write a term paper of 1250 words or more in which they show their ability to handle the mechanics of research and to read from secondary sources. In addition, students are encouraged to write about literature perceptively and in an organized manner.


Course Aims 

  1. Understand the elements and strategies of argumentation.
  2. Critically read, analyze, and evaluate written arguments.
  3. Produce longer and substantial essay of several paragraphs on unseen topics.
  4. Employ the skills and strategies of argumentation in their argumentative writing.
  5. Conduct research about a  certain topic or issue related to argument.
  6. Write a term paper (on literature or linguistics) of 1250 or more words which demonstrates the ability to handle the mechanics of research and to read from secondary sources.


Learning Outcomes

  1. Review some grammatical aspects: tenses, modifiers, rules of punctuation, relative pronouns, and subjunctive noun clauses
  2. Improve students’ developmental skills approach that encourages sentence writing skills and grammar related abilities through a wide variety of exercises.
  3. Taking notes, citing sources, using quotations, and avoiding plagiarism
  4. Reference text expands students understanding of the well-organized and abundant core of material.
  5. Introduce students to a wide range of exercises designed to get students to talk about their ideas, their everyday lives, and their environment.
  6. Ability to retain information by understanding material
  7. Provides interesting and lively new exercise material especially for pair and group work.