Learning, thinking, and research skills


Course objectives:

This course aims to develop the learning, thinking, and research skills of female students, and to apply those skills in their university and professional lives.

Course outcomes:

After completing this course, the student is expected - God willing - to be able to:

1)    Use the skill of effective study in her university life.

2)    Recognize information processing skills in recall.

3)  Apply information processing skills, summarizing, and jotting down important information from lecturers and mind maps in learning.

4)    Use speed reading strategies in her university studies.

5)  Utilize her knowledge of the skill of test management, from the first day of the semester, until she leaves the test hall.

6)    Learn scientific research tools.

7)    Employ areas of information search in writing scientific research.

8)    Apply scientific research writing skills in her university studies, in accordance with the elements of research writing.

9)    Comparison between critical thinking skills and creative thinking skills.

10)  Utilize thinking skills in her professional life.

11)  Utilize thinking programs in her professional life.