Learning and Thinking and Research Skills

  Objectives of the course:

This course aims to develop learning and thinking and research skills among students, and their application of those skills in their academic and practical.


Course Outcomes:

Expected from the student after completion of the study of this decision - with the permission of Allah be Ghaderhaly:

1) the employment of skilled and effective recall in his university.

2) the distinction between the skills of information processing in the recall.

3) Apply the skills of information processing, and the summary, and the codification of important information from the records, mental maps in learning.

4) the use of speed-reading strategies in his university studies.

5) applying his knowledge of management skill test, since the first day in the classroom, and so he came out of the testing room.

6) the distinction between scientific research tools.

7) the employment of the areas to search for information in the preparation of scientific research.

8) the application of scientific research in writing his undergraduate skills, according to the elements of writing research.

9) the comparison between the critical thinking skills and creative thinking skills.

10) the employment of thinking skills in his career.

11) the employment of his life thinking about the software process.