About the Department

About the department:

Given the fact that there is a need to have graduates specialized in law to work in governmental and private sectors, a program was launched to achieve the university's mission in the legal field. Graduates are expected to have sufficient knowledge in law to serve the community.


Qualify students to compete nationally and regionally and contribute to activating the role of this field in serving the nation and society.


Cooperate with the various departments of the college in achieving the mission of the Department of Law to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills in law.


1- Qualifying students to work in legal fields needed by the state and private sectors.

2- Promoting the legal culture in society through lectures, seminars, and workshops in the field of law.

3- Forming an organizational partnership between law professors and students in the department and the regulatory, executive, and judicial authorities.

4- Cooperating with counterparts inside and outside the Kingdom in terms of knowledge exchange. 

5- Motivating scientific research in all fields of law.