Graduate Affairs Unit



Unit of Graduates


Coordinator of Student section:
A. Sultan bin Fahd Al Faraj E-mail: [email protected] Ext:
Coordinator of the female students section:
D. Hanan Ahmed Mr. email Ext [email protected] Ext: 4559

 Unit Vision:

Crystallize the vision unit graduates the Faculty of Sciences and Humanities Ghaat in building bridges of communication and continuous cooperation and partnership actors between the college and Khreigna current and prospective follow through college graduates to achieve an integrated system and the activation methods and programs of study in the light of the quality standards to comply with the labor market requirements.

Unit message:

Include a message of unity graduates build and strengthen communication with graduates through constant contact and mutual between the college and Khreigna helping them to integrate into the labor market by offering various activities and programs are able to develop their skills and refine scientific and practical abilities in a stimulating academic environment and scientific spirit takes into account the quality and continuous improvement conditions.

The unit Tasks:

1. analysis and study of the development of the college graduates
2. Create a database of graduates and follow-up and regularly updated
3. Create a database of institutions and companies related to the graduates and the labor market
4. contribute to the creation of graduates for the labor market to raise their efficiency and hone their skills
5. communicate with college graduates and survey their opinions and self-publishing marketing their culture
6. urged college graduates to participate in the activities of the college and Events
7. organize periodic meetings Bakherijat and introduce them to loneliness and goals
8. urged college graduates to support financially and morally and inform them of the achievements and projects of the college
9. measure the level of satisfaction of graduates and inform the relevant departments the results of the survey
10. agent in the planning and organization helping all that would facilitate the functioning of the unit
11. preparation of lists of students expected to graduate students and alumni lists and lists of names of those who Anao requirements for different degrees
12. mobilize alumni database and sent to the Admission and Registration market-based mechanism Deanship of Admission and Registration Department
13. Delivery of testimonies and documents required for graduates and retain their data records in a special file for reference when needed
14. Participation in the preparation of the annual report on the college regarding unity