Unit of Quality Assurance

Unit Coordinator for Male Students Department:
Dr. Gamal Abdulhamid Naji Al Mesaiedeen                Email: [email protected]                    Ext:
Mr. Mahmoud Mounir Mahmoud Obeidat                   Email: [email protected]                    Ext: 4539
Female Students Coordinator:
Dr. Hiam Abdullah Alzerly                                           Email: [email protected]                         Ext:

Vision of the Unit:

creativity and excellence in the practice of evaluation and quality requirements and positioning the college to be a pioneer reference destination in the university education as well as specific quality in education. Message of the Unit: working hard to raise the quality of the overall outputs of the college and the continuous quest for the development of teaching and learning, as well as scientific research to get the academic accreditation.


About the Unit:

the Unit seeks to achieve comprehensive quality in all educational and administrative practices in the college, in addition to the optimal use of all potential and resources available to raise the level of education, with the participation of all college's employees, for the rehabilitation of male and female students to graduate from the college in accordance with the quality and academic accreditation standards.


Objectives of the Unit:

1. Monitoring the preparation of plans and requirements for achieving institutional and programmatic accreditation.

2. Proposal to form working groups for the project of quality assurance and academic accreditation.

3. Supervision and follow-up the implementation of quality assurance and accreditation project and to coordinate the efforts of the project's working groups.

4. Periodic adoption of the reports of the application results.

5. Help all departments of the college, its units, and administration to activate the quality standards in performance, and complete the self-assessment operations, thereby contributing to the achievement of the academic accreditation for the college.

6. Dissemination of the culture of quality in the college through the issuance of studies, brochures, flyers, seminars, lectures, and workshops.

7-Monitoring the achievement of the college's message and its objectives in order to improve performance.

8-Monitoring male and female students poll in order to develop the college's performance in the light of quality standards and academic accreditation.

9-Constant communication and coordination with the Deanship of Quality and Academic Accreditation at the university to ask for advice when needed, and be aware of the overall situation of the college in terms of quality.

10-Prepare a quarterly report on the work of the Unit, including achievements and any difficulties or obstacles preventing the achievement of the desired objectives and the proposals to overcome them and improve the quality of work and develop it.