Deanship Tasks



General jurisdiction:
Supervision of Graduate Affairs, to support scientific research, and follow-up college scholarships Affairs, in coordination with the dean of the college.
Organizational link:
Associated Dean College.
Terms of reference:
1. ballot shall h on the college graduate studies and follow-up Thakaha policies.
2. Follow-up of graduate students affairs of the college.
3. Supervision of graduate programs at the college.
4. Supervise the preparation of scientific research plan altogether and put in place mechanisms implemented.
5. develop the capacity of the college and its potential in the field of scientific research.
6. communicate with the Deanship of Scientific Research at the university and research centers, research and other institutions with respect to the conduct of research in coordination with the dean of the college.
7. work to provide support and funding for research in coordination with the dean of the college.
8. Encourage the establishment of a distinguished scientific chairs and research centers of excellence.
9. Work to attract academic competencies in coordination with the competent authorities in the college and university authorities.
10. affairs faculty care and support them, and work to achieve their requirements.
11-propose mechanisms to implement policies scholarship in college.
12. Najaf to follow the conditions of the envoys college and Mptatija.
13. supervise the programs offered by the College of community service and follow-up.
14. Work on Matqom by coordinating the college of scientific seminars, conferences and forums with the executive bodies of the University.
15. propose the formation of committees on the work of the agency.