The Vice Presidency for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research was established in 1431 H ; to carry out the functions of scientific research and graduate studies programs at the university in order to achieve leadership and excellence in scientific research, and the lead in graduate studies programs on the purpose of preparing  distinctive national cadres, scientifically, academically,  research, and professionally , to reach the university to the ranks of prestigious universities worldwide.

The Vice Presidency plays  the role of fostering the culture of scientific research,  addressing the issues of the society and its problems, motivating the employees of the university to come up with scientific sober production, encouraging the international scientific publishing and translation , in addition to paying attention to the ethics of scientific research,  providing the sources of knowledge and up-to-date information , where all that would be on the stage via the tasks of the Deanships associated with the Vice Presidency  ,and the three research centers, and the center of  publishing and translation as well .

The Vice Presidency also will  undertakes the sustainable academic and professional development for faculty members and the like, and the working to attract sincere qualified national competencies that contribute to the development of the community based on the  tasks of the Scientific Council , in addition to the departments and units associated with the Vice Presidency such as the Department of Scholarship and Training, Department of Research Chairs ,  Conferences and Seminars Unit, and the Department of Scientific Associations.

The Vice Presidency is also interested in the conclusion of local and international agreements to serve the educational process through the Department of International Cooperation . In addition to  activate the partnership between the university and the community to achieve mutual enrichment . The Vice Presidency also gives great importance and attention to discover talented students and take care of them , and transform the innovative ideas into products with economic value with the participation of companies and businessmen , based on the functions of the center of innovation and outstanding student ideas, and the unit of protecting the intellectual property rights and technology licensing .