Al Jazeera Newspaper Chair for Security Media

Vision :

To lead and excel in supporting specialized knowledge and modern applied studies.

Mission :

To create a modern and advanced scientific research, consulting and training environment that encourage researchers and community members to enrich innovation and creativity through theoretical and applied knowledge.

Objectives :


1. Contribute to improving the Kingdom's ranking in creativity, innovation, research and development to support the knowledge-based national economy, and achieve sustainable development.
2. Strengthen the community’s partnership with MU, invest the ability of specialists in all knowledge and harness the facilities, equipment, and other research resources.
3. Bring researchers, creative minds, and distinguished competencies locally and internationally, and make the most of their expertise via scientific communication programs for faculty members, and encourage students to invest in their distinguished knowledge.
4. Conduct in-depth studies and research in the chair’s fields and support scientific publishing in renowned peer-review journals.
5. Create real opportunities for creativity and excellence in theoretical and applied scientific research in the chair’s fields.
6. Serve the Arabic language as a foundation of the Arab-Islamic identity, and support digital content.
7. Introduce new majors in applied scientific research in light of new theories.
8. Design specialized training programs and organize scientific events and programs such as: conferences, seminars, and panel discussions.
9. Encourage joint work and integration in the fields of scientific research between the university and its various units through the scientific research team with research institutions outside the university.
10. Link the outcomes of scientific research in the field of the chair with the needs of society by creating an environment based on partnership between the university and society.


Chair status: Finished