SDG16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions SDG 17.3.16



Saudi Arabia places a strong emphasis on fostering peace, justice, and building robust institutions to empower the nation and ensure the well-being of its citizens. The Kingdom has implemented comprehensive strategies and initiatives to enhance legal frameworks, promote social justice, and strengthen institutions to maintain stability and security.


Majmaah University, as a key educational institution in Saudi Arabia, plays a crucial role in supporting the country's efforts towards peace, justice, and strong institutions. The university actively engages in academic programs, research, and community outreach that contribute to the development of a just and peaceful society.


The university's academic curriculum includes courses and research projects that explore topics related to law, governance, and institutional development. By providing students with a well-rounded education, Majmaah University aims to produce graduates who understand the importance of justice, respect for the rule of law, and the role of strong institutions in nation-building.


Majmaah University collaborates with governmental bodies, legal professionals, and experts to stay abreast of legal developments and contribute to policy discussions. The university organizes seminars, conferences, and workshops that bring together scholars, practitioners, and policymakers to exchange ideas and perspectives on issues related to peace, justice, and institutional strength.


Community outreach is a crucial aspect of Majmaah University's commitment to promoting peace and justice. The university actively engages with local communities to raise awareness about legal rights, dispute resolution mechanisms, and the significance of adherence to ethical and legal standards. By fostering a culture of justice and social responsibility, Majmaah University seeks to contribute to the broader goal of building a peaceful and just society.


Through research initiatives, Majmaah University explores innovative approaches to enhance the effectiveness of institutions, improve legal frameworks, and address societal challenges. The university's commitment to producing research that informs policy-making contributes to the ongoing efforts to strengthen institutions in Saudi Arabia.


In conclusion, Saudi Arabia's commitment to peace, justice, and strong institutions is reflected in its comprehensive national strategies. Majmaah University, aligned with these objectives, actively participates in shaping a society where the principles of justice, rule of law, and strong institutions serve as pillars for sustainable development and prosperity.




On behalf of the minister of education, Prof. Yousef al-Benyan - Chairman of MU'S Council -, Prof. Saleh al-Mezal, MU's rector, chaired the third meeting of the university council for the academic year 1445 in the presence of the general secretary of universities affairs council, Dr. Bassam al-Bassam, vice-rectors and deans of colleges and deanships.


In a welcoming speech by MU's rector, Prof. Al-Mezal extended his congratulations to Prof. Ahmed al-Rumaih, for his new position as the rector of Northern Borders University. He also congratulated Prof. Musallam al-Dosari for being assigned as the vice-rector for development and investment, Prof. Mohammed al-Shehri, for being assigned as a vice-rector for graduate studies and scientific research, and Dr. Osama al-Tamami, for being assigned as the dean of Institute of Studies and Consulting Services. 


The General Secretary of the Council, Prof. Mohammed al-Shehri, pointed out that several topics in the agenda were addressed, including the recommendations made by the Permanent Committee for Teaching Assistants, Lecturers, Language Teachers and Research Assistants and the semi-annual report of Audit Committee during the period from January 1st, 2023 to June 30th, 2023. 


The council members also discussed the request for approval of the projects carried out by the Institute of Studies and Consulting Services - Group Nine - for the year 2023.


At the end of the meeting, the rector extended his thanks to the council members for their active role in improving the quality of the university outcomes.





MU's rector, Prof. Saleh al-Mezal, issued a decision to assign Prof. Mohammed al-Shehri, as the vice-rector for graduate studies and scientific research. Prof. Al-Shehri is excellent academically and administratively and has held several positions such as the vice-dean and later the dean of College of Computer Sciences. He has contributed in the development and achievement of success academically and administratively.  





جامعة المجمعة

MU's rector, Prof. Saleh al-Mezal, issued a decision to assign Prof. Musallam a-Dosari, as a vice-rector for development and investment. Prof. Al-Dosari, is one of the excellent leaders who has played a significant role in the establishment of the university and its achievements locally and internationally.


Prof. Al-Dosari, extended his thanks to MU's rector for the trust which will encourage him to serve the university and to achieve its academic goals.


The Media Center's director congratulates Prof. Al- Shehri for being assigned as a vice-rector for graduate studies and scientific research



The director of the Media Center, Mr. Waleed Al-Mujali, accompanied by a number of the center’s staff, visited Prof. Muhammad Al-Shehri in his office, to congratulate him the new assignment as a Vice-Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research, wishing him success in his future endeavors. 





At the request of MU rector to consolidate the institutional practices which stem from the university's strategic plan, the advisor and supervisor of administrative, financial and technical affairs, Prof. Musallam Al-Dosari, held a virtual meeting with the deans of the College of Business Administration, College of Education and Applied College.

The meeting addressed the tasks that should be completed by colleges in the academic year 1445 AH. These tasks include reviewing the strategic plan in line with the changes being made to the development plans, following up the Deanship of Quality to match the plan indicators with the requirements specified by the departments, delivering the plan in the fourth week of the semester and setting a schedule by the Deanship of Development and Quality to complete all indicators in coordination with the Vice Rector.

Prof. Al-Dosari pointed out that all colleges should complete the required tasks according to the technical and time frame specified by the Vice-Rector's office. He reminded them to contact the Vice-Rector's Office in the event of any inquiry or clarification.




MU Rector welcomed in his office members of the final account committee led by the director of Administrative and Financial Affairs, Mr. Ahmed al-Mousa and the manager of financial department, Mr. Ahmed Al-Batel.

Mr. Al-Mousa briefed MU Rector about the final account which was finished on time.

MU Rector commended the role played by all members who prepared the final account.


Prof. Musallam Al-Dosari participates in the International Conference on Combating Cyber Terrorism



His Excellency Prof. Dr. Musallam bin Muhammad Al-Dosari participated in the International Conference on Combating Electronic Terrorism organized by the Islamic University in Madinah, by chairing the seventh session of the conference sessions, which was attended by speakers from the Arab Republic of Egypt, Morocco, Belgium and Macedonia, and His Excellency was honored at the end of the session by honoring the speakers and presenters of scientific papers, and His Excellency was honored by His Highness the President of the Islamic University, Prof. Dr. Mamdouh bin Saud Al Saud.

In this regard, His Excellency Prof. Dr. Musallam Al-Dosari stated that the importance of this conference comes through the importance of its topic, which came in the context of national universities playing their scientific and research role, and providing scientific studies that reveal the negative phenomena that threaten our societies, and it also provides recommendations that promote and support the decisions that can be taken by the relevant authorities.

On this occasion, His Excellency Prof. Dr. Musallam Al-Dosari thanked His Highness the President of the Islamic University, the Vice-Rectors of the University and all its employees for the invitation to participate in this conference and for the quality and good organization.


Student Advisory Council Elections

The College of Business Administration announces its announcement tomorrow, Wednesday, 11/2/1436 AH, the results of the names of the candidates of the departments for membership of the Student Advisory Council in the college, at its headquarters in Majmaah, the female section, and also the college divisions in Zulfi, and on this the college invites its students nominated for membership of the Council for the academic year 1435-1436 AH for all departments to know the results of the vote count, and the results will also be announced through the college's website.

Note that 34 male and female students from all disciplines have applied for nomination for membership of the Student Advisory Council, who met the conditions of applicants to the Student Advisory Council as follows:

- Majmaah headquarters students: (8 students of the Department of Business Administration - 4 students of the Department of Accounting - 6 students of the Department of Law).

- The headquarters of the complex female students: (6 students of the Department of Business Administration).

- Zulfi Campus Students: (9 students of the Department of Law - Student of the Department of Business Administration).

Two students representing the department will be selected for the three sections, two students will be selected at the college headquarters in Zulfi representing the college departments in Zulfi, and two students will be selected at the female headquarters in Majmaah to represent the rest of the students.

All this under the guidance and supervision of His Excellency the Dean of the College, Dr. Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Jibreen, with our wishes for the candidates success and the best representation of their colleagues.

We will soon provide you with a detailed report on the stages of the elections with abundant photographs of the event.


The Deanship Holds the Advisory Board Elections


All students are requested to participate in the elections of the Student Advisory Council in the Deanship and to realize the importance and value of this Council in participating in decision-making in the Deanship in a way that serves the interest of the student first and foremost. The candidates' information is hung in the wall magazine at the entrance to the Deanship and voting in the guidance office on the third floor, and the last day of voting is next Thursday, corresponding to 23/2/1440 AH.

Preparatory Year

Vice Deanship for Student Affairs

Your opinion is our focus

In a positive initiative, the College of Applied Medical Sciences, under the patronage of the supervisor of the college, His Excellency Dr. Fahad Al-Dhafiri, and the Vice Dean of the College, Her Excellency Dr. Amal Abdullah Al-Otaibi, held elections for the Student Advisory Council in both male and female sections, where these elections aim to discuss the desires of male and female students and their problem and transfer them to the administration of the Council and also aims to Rooting Shura in the college and such elections develop the leadership skills of male and female students and qualify them on student leadership while instilling the principles of dialogue and acceptance of opinion and opinion of the other also aims such programs to promote the principle of Shura in the hearts of male and female students as an Islamic principle administrative also works to develop leadership and administrative skills they have and open the way for them to participate in the issuance of decisions on the workflow in the college in their regard, and contribute to achieving discipline and informing the college administration of their desires And their observations through the reports of their sessions, and opening the field of dialogue and discussion between them to accept opinion and address the most prominent problems in which they fall. Where the male and female students nominated for the Council were selected through nominations from all male and female students in all departments of the college, and this Council will have complete independence for both male and female students and discuss issues that are referred to them by male and female students or proposed by the members of the Council themselves without interference from the supervisory or administrative authorities.


The scholar Al-Buqami participates in the third debate of the student debate program "Sajal"

A number of scholarship students from the university offer clear efforts and various achievements in their various scholarship places, and they also represent the Saudi scholarship the most wonderful representation through their positive interaction in various community activities and others, in addition to their excellence and discipline in their studies, and among the university's distinguished scholarship students is Adi Al-Buqami, who is on scholarship from the College of Sciences and Human Studies in Ramah to study for a doctorate in the United Kingdom, where he worked as a volunteer in the British Heart Association, He participated in the tender program, which is supervised by the interface magazine of the Cultural Attaché in Britain, and is interested in the stories of volunteering, motivation and humanitarian aspects of scholarship students in their scholarship headquarters, and he talked about his volunteer experience in the British Heart Association and his participation in it, in order to invest his free time for the benefit of him, and he also participated with a number of scholarship students in the third debate of the student debate program "Sajal", which was under the title "A large number of Saudi universities and companies tend to prefer university graduates American colleagues from British universities under the pretext of scientific competence", which was hosted by the Saudi Club in the British city of Nottingham, where he put forward his point of view, and evidence to defend the subject of debate and refute the evidence, which included three rounds covered three axes: preference in employment, scientific competence, and the impact of the issue on the environment of scholarship and scholarships, and the program "Sajal" is one of the media activities of the student interface magazine issued by the Cultural Attaché in Britain, and the student activity is the first of its kind At the level of student activities in the scholarship headquarters, and aims to apply one of the most important concepts of dialogue through the art of debate, accept the other opinion, and develop the skill of the individual to persuade with argument and proof, as well as spreading the culture of debates among the scholarship students, and on the other hand and within the achievements of the scholarship Al-Buqami winning the candidacy for the presidency of the Saudi Club in Manchester after obtaining the majority of votes in the elections of the administrative bodies of Saudi clubs in Britain, Al-Buqami explained that the scholarship students are ambassadors of the homeland And future builders, and from this point of view, the plan of the Saudi Club in Manchester was built in its 35th session to include all aspects that support scholarship students and scholarships, and added that they will do in the club what they can in coordination with the attaché in overcoming all the difficulties facing students, and the establishment of all programs, courses, lectures and activities that support all members of the club, as well as the definition of various aspects of civilization of the Kingdom and its representation in all occasions and celebrations.