Health and Basic Colleges Research Center


Message from the Health and Basic Colleges Research Center:

The Health and Basic Colleges Research Center at the Vice-Rector's Office for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research, MU  is a multidisciplinary research centers and has many research laboratories, such as the Molecular Biology Laboratory, the Microbiology Laboratory, and the Biochemistry and Immunology Laboratory. The center has state-of-the-art research equipment that serve faculty members, researchers, and postgraduate and undergraduate students from the health colleges to conduct scientific experiments and medical research to enhance community health.

The Center plays a pivotal role in supervising the conduct of funded research projects inside and outside the university, holding specialized seminars and workshops, and forming cooperative relationships between health sectors and local and international research centers by encouraging joint projects that aim to improve the university’s international ranking.

Finally, we are pleased to communicate with all faculty members, researchers and students at Majmaah University and receive their feedback to improve scientific research and innovation.

About the Center:

The Center was established in 1430 AH / 2009 AD based on the approval of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz - may his soul rest in peace- under the name of the Research Center for Health and Basic Sciences. The Center’s responsibility is focused on improving the community's health conditions via a number of award-winning medical research to spread health awareness.


Leadership in the field of health and basic sciences research by funding research programs that meet the health needs.


To be a leading center for scientific research and innovation in the fields of health and basic sciences locally and globally by funding and encouraging faculty members, researchers and students at the university to achieve the national strategic goals related to health and quality of life.



- Set a general policy for research in the health colleges of the university served by the center, with a focus on projects that improve health services at the national level.
- Develop team spirit in scientific research 
- Follow up on research projects submitted to the center
- Ensure that researches are meeting the needs of society and up to date.
- Cooperate with centers of similar goals inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
- Hold conferences and seminars to discuss the results of research projects


Colleges served by the center at the university:


College of Applied Medical Sciences
College of Medicine
College of Dentistry
College of Nursing
Some basic specializations in other university colleges


Research laboratories currently available at the center:


Biochemistry laboratory
Molecular biology laboratory
Microbiology laboratory
Biotechnology laboratory


Research priorities:

The Center has set some research priorities to address prominent challenges locally (the university’s local community), regionally and nationally including:


Quality of life
Health indicators


Contact us:

Head of the Health and Basic Colleges Research Center

Dr. Nayef Al-Rashidi

Tel: 0164041511

Email: [email protected]

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