Basic Sciences Research Unit Center

Message from the Head of the Basic Sciences Research Unit Center:

MU has witnessed has experienced recently a quantum leap in the field of scientific research. Anyone could obviously see that due to the financial support provided to research centers or the number of research funded by the university. This is attributed to the support of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.

The Basic Sciences Research Unit Center has contributed significantly to this success by providing logistic services or funding scientific research as well as  serving faculty members and graduate students.

The Center has been committed to overcome difficulties facing researchers, and to make all possible efforts to improve the quality of scientific and research level at the university.

About the Center:

The Basic Sciences Research Center seeks to encourage scientific research in different fields of science including physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology and computer science. The Center also aims to fund outstanding research published by faculty members at Majmaah University.

The Center conducts scientific courses and seminars that help researchers to achieve the university's goals and development plans in this country.


To be well-known locally for scientific research issues related to physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology and computer science.


Encourage scientific research to develop scientific solutions that address community problems and serve national development by recruiting excellent cadres, utilizing modern technology, and forming local and international partnerships, having in the process a generation of Saudi researchers capable of achieving the university’s goals and development plans as well as improving the level of scientific research in accordance with international research standards. 



1. Encourage researchers and faculty members to publish research in the fields of physics, mathematics, biology, chemistry, and computer science.
2. Coordinate with research centers and scientific bodies in other universities.
3. Create a database for researchers at the university to conduct joint research.
4. Fund research submitted by faculty members.
5. Organize lectures, seminars and scientific conferences.
Colleges and departments served by the center:

The center serves the following departments:


(Chemistry Department)
(Computer Department)
(Physics Department)
(Mathematics Department)
(Biology Department)
Research priorities:

The center has set research priorities dealing with challenges locally (the governorates served by the university), regionally and nationally. These challenges include:


Public Health
Water production and management
Renewable energy
Environmental sustainability and agriculture
Petrochemicals and refining
Social and economic development
Information and Communication Technology
Contact Us

Head of the Basic Sciences Research Unit Center

Dr. Youssef Al-Ghamdi

Ext: 4094

Center email: [email protected]