Sheikh Abdullah bin Abdul Mohsen Al-Tuwaijri Chair for Stroke

About the chair:

It is a scientific research program focusing on studies, research, training and consultation in the field of strokes and methods of therapeutic services for patients, enriching this field of knowledge by suggesting concepts, methods and innovations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Vision :

Research excellence in the applications of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of stroke cases and striving to establish a promising research center in this field.


Promote and develop scientific research, train people, and educate the community in the applied medical fields of stroke in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


The chair aims to:


- Recruit international expertise and adopt successful experiences in the fields of applied medical research for strokes.
- Identify major obstacles among stroke patients and provide solutions through scientific research methods and field studies in hospitals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
- Provide consultations to the Ministry of Health and civil society organizations in the areas of chair and exchange scientific knowledge in the field of stroke diseases.
- Improve the performance of medical team workers in hospitals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through holding conferences, scientific seminars, workshops, and training in the fields of prevention, diagnosis, and various treatment methods for stroke patients.
- Design and conduct scientific research programs to rehabilitate stroke patients in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to adapt and coexist with their medical condition.
- Promote health awareness among people in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia about strokes.