Department of International Cooperation and Internal Agreements

Department tasks


Introducing the international cooperation programs available at the university level and ways to benefit from them and activate the university's membership in various international organizations.
Suggest mechanisms and procedures to follow up and activate the benefit from the aspects of cooperation mentioned in the terms of agreements and memorandums of understanding at the university level.
Proposing areas of cooperation related to academic accreditation with some leading universities and academic institutions through partnership and agreements with them.
Preparing studies to conclude agreements with other Arab and international universities.
Studying contracts concluded with external parties, submitting proposals and recommendations, and submitting them for approval
Follow-up and supervision of agreements with Arab and international universities or academic institutions.
Organizing visits for faculty members and administrators to leading Arab and international universities to learn about their experiences in developing their academic programs, teaching and management methods, and to benefit from their distinguished experiences.
Supervising the process of receiving visiting delegations in coordination with the Public Relations and Media Unit at Majmaah University.
Follow up the activation of internal agreements and ways to benefit from them.