Saudi Medical Sensors Association 

Scientific Association 

Director :

Dr. Abdel Aziz Al-Kathiri

College of Applied Medical Science

Board members


Board members





Dr. Abdel Aziz Al-Kathiri

President of the Association 


Dr. Raed Al-Baraadi



Dr. Saleh Al-Dahsh



Dr. Abdullah Al-Amoudi



Dr. Sara Al-Louboon



Dr. Yasser Babayeer



Dr. Ibrahim Andeejani



Dr. Shadi Al-Shuwayer



Dr. Abdelrahman Al-Sulaiman



Message from the President of the Association


We at the Saudi Medical Sensors Association realize that we have a role in raising awareness and we have a responsibility to improve and develop the sensors used in the health field. Towards that end, the Association is striving to bring together specialists including health practitioners and medical engineers to collaborate in developing their common interests and in accordance with the needs of the health field and the labor market.

The Association also seeks, in accordance with its strategic plan, to focus on scientific research and promote the culture of scientific research, innovation and creativity, and encourages distinguished competencies of specialists in the Association’s field of specialization, including health practitioners, engineers and students, to contribute to the knowledge industry, which allows spreading the culture of medical sensors and creating an environment that encourages development, innovation and leadership in the areas of expertise of the Association.


President of  the Saudi Medical Sensors Association 

Dr. Abdelaziz Al-Kathiri



Association's Logo

الجميعة السعودية للحساسات


الجميعة السعودية للحساسات 2


Leadership in disseminating and developing scientific, research and academic applications in the field of medical sensor locally and regionally.


The Saudi Medical Sensors Society represents the scientific, research and applied support center to achieve maximum benefit in the field of medical sensors applications and achieve continuous development in this field through training, education, education and scientific research.



1. Promoting the culture of medical sensors and developing scientific thought in the field of medical sensor applications
2. Recruiting scientists, researchers, and those interested in medical sensor applications from inside and outside the Kingdom  applications.
3. Developing the uses of medical sensors in the professional and health fields
4. Providing scientific support and consultation in the field of medical sensor applications
5. Signing scientific agreements inside and outside the Kingdom with the aim of exchanging experiences and scientific production in the field of medical sensor applications
6. Conducting specialized training programs in the field of medical sensor applications
7. Providing the opportunity for those working in the field of medical sensor applications to contribute to the movement of scientific progress in this field
8. Issuing various publications, including brochures and posters, with the aim of spreading awareness in the field of medical sensor applications
9. Preparing scientific publications and coordinating exhibitions in the field of medical sensor applications
10. Coordination between the Society and other concerned scientific societies

Organizational Structure


الهيكل التنظيمي للجمعية الحساسات



The Association's committees and their tasks 

  1. Scientific Committee: chaired by Dr. Ibarhim Andeejani


  1. 1. Follow up on scientific progress of medical sensor applications and new scientific production in this field and share these information with members via e-mail.
    2. Arranging annual meetings in the Kingdom and preparing topics for these meetings.
    3. Issuing a peer-reviewed international scientific journal under the name “Journal of Medical Sensor Applications.”
    4. Proposing scientific fields that require research in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, specific to the field.
    5. Reviewing research projects that will be submitted by members to financial funding bodies.
    6. Encouraging members to submit research projects for financial fund
    7. Inviting scholars and thinkers to participate in the association’s activities in accordance with the procedures regulating that.
    8.Organizing scientific trips for its members and holding scientific competitions in its field of specialization.


  1. Public Relation and Media Committee, chaired by Dr. Abdelrahman Al-Sulaiman

The Committee's tasks:

  1. 1. Develop an annual strategic plan for media and public relations for the association.
    2. Highlighting work in the field of medical sensor applications through:
    3. Handling internal relations with members of the association in particular and workers in the health field in general through continuous electronic communication.
    4. Maintain external relations with society in general through a media program that makes the association present in the media.
    5. Forming partnerships with other relevant international scientific societies.
    6. Media coordination of the Association’s work
    7. Supervising the Association’s website.
    8. Coordinating with the Scientific Committee about the Association’s journals and periodicals and highlighting them in the media



  1. Operational Committee, chaired by Dr. Yasser Hassan

The Association's tasks 

  1. 1. Finding financial sources to support the Association’s activities.
    2. Planning to find stable financial sources for the Association.
    3. Investing the Association’s funds through investment opportunities.
    4. Attracting the private sector, companies and businessmen to support the Association.
    5. Any other tasks that the Association’s Board of Directors deems appropriate to assign.


  1. Membership Committee, chaired by Dr. Shadi Al-Shuwayer

The Association's tasks 

Granting association memberships.


  1. Awareness Committee, chaired by Dr. Sara Al-Louboon

The Association's tasks 

  • Conducting awareness activities
    Empowering women in the Association