Statistics showed that 30 cases of apoplexy in 100,000 citizens, which means that there are nearly 6000 infections annually. Many experts expect apoplexy will dramatically rise in the future due to aging, increasing number of controlled and uncontrolled hypertension cases in addition to the high numbers of smokers, Diabetes and obesity. Patients suffering from stroke are from different age groups. However, the disease is rampant in the 50-60 category bearing in mind that the risk of infection increases with aging, nonetheless some cases exist in children as well. The College of Applied Medical Sciences at Majmaah University has been seeking to set up a research chair for applied research on apoplexy because of the unlimited support of the state in this regard. Majmaah University today has become, in a short period, a beacon of science and knowledge. This research project represents the first step towards innovation and research projects in the field of medicine and scientific technology, providing opportunities to aspiring research individuals and establishments through the public sector’s unrelenting support