Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center holds a series of meetings on opportunities of innovation and entrepreneurship related to 2030 vision

At the request of the vice-rector for graduate studies and scientific research, Dr. Ahmed Al-Rumaih, the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (IEC) is holding a series of meetings over three weeks for students of all levels to educate them about the culture of Innovation and entrepreneurship. The second phase will target the university staff and faculty members.

The director of IEC, Dr. Abdullah Bajahzar, pointed out that the center receives special care by MU rector, Dr. Al-Muqren, and is monitored and supported by the vice-rector, Dr. Al-Rumaih. With that in mind, one of the Center’s top priorities is to discover talented students and help them in turning their ideas into real products.

To that end, these meeting were set up in cooperation with the colleges, taking into consideration that, to take full advantage of these meetings, students should be grouped based on their major.

The meetings will focus on highlighting the opportunities resulted from the Kingdom’s vision 20030.  The aim of these meetings are:

  • Introduce everyone to the Center and the services provided
  • Promote the culture of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Present the opportunities and initiatives of 2030 vison
  • Create opportunities related for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in line with the vision 2030
  • Help students to think of Innovative and Entrepreneurship works
  • Present the training program and workshops
  • Discuss solutions and suggestions that serve students


Last modified
Saturday, 27/March/2021